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#TBT Jenny Caribbean 1500 for Philip WatchToday we'll check out a significant watch in the good dive replica watches: the Jenny Caribbean 1500. Simply to make things right preemptively, the name for the dial states "Philip Watch", speculate I'll touch upon later, Jenny did build the watch. Perhaps innovation was easier from the 1960's since the market was comparatively available and hungry, but with hawaii, we shall discover how David actually stood up to the Goliaths with the era. #TBT can be used this is time for you to go deep!The Jenny Caribbean 1500 is from family members of the first commerically available 1000M diversJenny (keep in mind said, pronounced like "Yenny" and never much like the character in Forest Gump) began in Switzerland in 1963 and basically focused on dive replica watches. While a 700M model was published at first, the islands 1000M, Ref.702, came soon thereafter. It was closely followed by the watch you observe here, the marginally rarer and greater (by 2mm) Jenny Caribbean 1500, Ref.715. It's kind of of a debate within some forums as to if Jenny or Aquastar offered by far the first 1000M dive watch in 1964 fake rolex , but a majority of people affiliate with Jenny iwc watches portofino .It's interesting to believe today a relative "nobody" inside the watch industry inside 1960's debuted the first 1000M watch. During the time, work was underway on the future Rolex Seadweller, but 300M was really the common for just a deep diver. Listing all of the replica watches available today that could safely reach massive depths could possibly fill a book, however believe it's cool that the Jenny Caribbean 1500 is closely linked to the initial. So, how did Jenny implement it as well as what else did they invent?To begin with, the Jenny Caribbean 1500 is really a front-loader (for photos, see this great article), which simply shows that there isn't any caseback and, subsequently, one less seal to be breached under water. This design was complemented using a list of at least 3 different gaskets between the crystal an incident. Speaking of the crystal, it is a 5mm (!!) thick little bit of acrylic that barely domes over the case. Additional water-sealing device employed is often a screw-down crown.A legendary Decompression BezelMy online searches on "first 1000m dive watch" actually gathered relatively little information. However, while i started looking under "Jenny Caribbean 1000", what generally emerged was the long-lasting bezel. Once i initially purchased the piece the truth is before you decide to, I shot images to Jason Heaton because he seems to like crusty old dive-related gear. Certainly, he's hot for the Jenny, but he did enquire about ways to use the crazy bezel. So, I searched as well as the official Jenny website gives an explanation via its original 1971 U.S. patent filing. I'm not sure what's happened to legalese considering that the 1970's, however the patent filing is exceedingly clear and simple to know. The bezel, actually, is actually rather easy to make use of as well as the three concentric rings are employed once the diver knows just how long under water and also the depth. The ring then helps determine the quantity of decompression time necessary.I am not through with the bezel yet! The bezel from the Jenny Caribbean 1000, while absolutely stunning detail wise, is quite curious. First, it's nicely detailed, even so the numbers are really small. I'm not a diver, but I have read enough stories about clarity and brightness at depth as soon as the sunlight peters out this also tool strikes me as something difficult to use at depth. Also, the innermost ring shows a "60" within a blue box. This describes a depth of 60M, the actual maximum that this ring can calculate. So, I know that a more capable diver will help with this, but unless calculating decompression stops are linear, this means that the tool really couldn't supply under the depth of 60M. In addition, i get that humans really aren't and weren't diving much below this depth, but I come back to deep getting started the early 1960's when divers were basically breathing normal air. Prior to the usage of what is known "tri-mix" (replacing some nitrogen happy with helium), divers often suffered narcosis at depth. Here again, reading the bezel on the Jenny at depths of 60M could have been difficult at best, but I'd guess that diving at these depths was which is quite dangerous regardless of tools employed.We're also faced with the question of why a firm planned to come up with a dive replica watches capable of 1000M. The reply is likely the comparable to today and that means "because they could". I'd guess that in the event the Jenny Caribbean 1500 was introduced, dive replica watches efficient at a stated 150M were even questionable reliability-wise. Therefore, the claim of 1000M of water resistance was likely produced to supply divers that ultimate a sense security as well as show the engineering and quality capabilities in the manufacturer.The Jenny Caribbean 1000 DetailsStill beside me? Now that we've reviewed probably the most notable technical characteristics in the Jenny Caribbean 1000, let's talk about the watch itself. At first glance, the Jenny seems like a typical dive watch at 40mm along with stainless-steel, but a view with the side reveals a very thick, 16mm case. Credit the thick crystal for triggering this. Another distinctive feature is the lug design. The lugs are angled contained in the product and this also requires, when a bracelet is equipped, some rather uniquely shaped endlinks if your flush fit is desired. I checked on eBay and yes it appears as if someone markets period beads-of-rice bracelets to suit this case. Otherwise, a 20mm strap looks pretty good.Heading off, the Jenny Caribbean 1500 has a nice case and even though they did beat Rolex to your bunch that has a seriously deep, commercially ready, diver, no person would mistake the finishing for this watch for any piece originating from "the crown". The way it is contains matte surfacing on its sides, replica maria sharapova tag heuer watch rougher lines number one precisely what I'd call some questionable finishing the place that the sides with the case fulfill the bezel. It also boasts a large pointed crown with the Jenny "fish" logo upon it. Action on unscrewing the crown is what I'd call a lttle bit tough. It's not overly precise and has now just a little lateral slop once extended, but it will the job and can be considered a bit stodgy from sitting for thus long. True back contains a lot of information for example the water resistance along with the Swiss "Brevet" patent numbers.Bracelet wise, this Jenny Caribbean 1500 as generated for Philip Watch includes a very period-esque attachment. It's cuff just like large plates rather then smaller links. Adjustment wise, there's little effort with here aside from the micro-adjust for the snapping clasp at its tightest, it simply fits me. Unfortunately, all the backlinks undoubtedly are a little thick for that clasp and it also makes fastening the bracelet difficult. It's actually a neat, heavy, and extremely original bracelet, however may have to spring for any beads-of-rice bracelet so as to provide a better fit.A Sparkling DialReturning for the dial in this watch, Philip Watch chose, or Jenny offered, an extremely novel hunt for this watch. The version you observe here, in blue (it had been also offered in yellow, orange, and maybe other colors) contains what appears to be metallic flake for the dial. It is an amazing surface that some describe as "Scotchlite" but, to me, it reminds me of 1960's/70's hot rods. Whatever simply, it's definitely striking along with the appropriate light, which is difficult to catch in photographs, it's positively dazzling. Otherwise, the style is simple with white font, white lumed hands, white markers and date wheel. It's different than everything else I own and jogs my memory a bit of the colorful Squales from the same era.ETA's First High Beat MovementInside the Jenny Caribbean 1500 lies the ETA 2724. The "HI-SWING" as noted around the dial with the watch actually means fact that this movement is really a high frequency automatic. In truth, exacerbating the innovation on the piece, it was ETA's first high frequency movement and it runs at 28,800 bph. The movement's brief production run from 1969-1972 will also help impart us with some relative symbol of as this watch was produced. It is a nice movement mainly because it contains a quickset date and has now an electric reserve of 42 hours. My experience shows it is a definative runner likewise.Many Brands Used the Jenny CaseThe Jenny Caribbean 1500 is principallyfound to be a Jenny or maybe a Philip Watch. It's smaller relative, the 1000 is available under many brands a lot like replica watches manufactured by Squale and Aquastar. The 1500 had appears a relatively short production run as noted by its movement this also in contrast to the 1000 which consists of relatively long production springing up form roughly 1963 and lasting prior to the early 1980's. Simply because this great article while on an early Ollech & Wajs Caribbean 1000 shows, there are variations in movement, dial, hands, and also bezel with a bit of brands selecting a typical diver's 1-60. Prices are really everywhere in the map with pieces starting at roughly $800 and topping at roughly $1800. I have never seen a huge difference in pricing in comparison to the 1000 or even the 1500 but I'm sure sellers would attempt to tout the rarity of the larger model. Parts aren't easy and simple on these replica watches when we focus on the bezels. The inlays are bakelite even though a plastic bottle takes a gazillion years in the landfill, plastic bezels apparently exhibit the contrary behavior. They're brittle and really difficult to acquire. The positive is that the movements employed on the entire series of replica watches are highly serviceable as soon as your watchmaker opens top.I aquired the Jenny Caribbean 1500 because I always wanted one. The bezel fascinated me which was before I even knew regarding the historical significance of this watch. The dial causes it to be a genuine standout and a lot different than other divers I own. Mentionened above previously, it's fascinating that a real small enterprise could introduce such an innovative piece. An advanced fan of early dive replica watches, the Jenny is usually a truly affordable and important piece to take into consideration. Until next week ?